Remarkable Must-Have Milan Apps for Living in Milan

Remarkable Must-Have Milan Apps for Living in Milan - ATM Milano

Living in Milan, one of the things I do not fancy is staying in long and almost endless queues. These Milan apps I discovered have made life a lot easier for me. If you have lived in Milano long enough, and most especially engaged in any sort of paperwork, you would be accustomed to the queue at the Post Office, Anagrafe, and even the public hospitals (I had a horrid experience at a public hospital, where I spent 5 hours to be attended to, then canceled from the list – back in Palermo).

There are some lucky days where you spend less than one hour and some ugly days you spend up to 8 hours (I state this number from personal experience at Questura di Montebello trying to get a Permesso di Soggiorno Provvisorio).

Through my years of living in Milan, I have encountered three apps that I would recommend. They have made life easier for me. I believe tourists and locals will find them helpful.


The first is the Qurami App. This is just the sweetest App ever! You can take a number well in advance before your arrival at your destination. I wish it had more places listed, but it comes in very handy for days at the Commune and some other public establishments.

Remarkable Must-Have Milan Apps for Living in Milan - Qurami


The next on my list is the ATM App, the official application of Azienda Trasporti Milanesi SpA that helps users move around the city easily. My favourite feature on the App is the ability to purchase tickets on the go and save them digitally. So for tourists, this may be especially useful as you don’t need to carry a pile of tickets around. Read my guide on taking public transportation in Milan.

Remarkable Must-Have Milan Apps for Living in Milan - ATM Milano


Remarkable Must-Have Milan Apps for Living in Milan - image 25

myAFOLMET allows you to interact with the Employment Centers of Milan, Corsico, Rozzano, San Donato Milanese, Cinisello Balsamo, Melzo and Rho. You can get certificates and services in digital mode. 

Some services and certificates you can get from myAfolmet include:

  • Historical C2 certificate or your Employment Status
  • Declaration of Immediate Availability for Work (DID) through a guided procedure
  • The PSP (service agreement) in which you agree with your Employment Center on the active search path for the most suitable job for you
  • Consult the job offers or traineeship opportunities published by the Employment Centers and apply for those in line with your CV
  • Book an appointment with an Afol Metro operator


Remarkable Must-Have Milan Apps for Living in Milan - image 26

The Trenitalia App makes it simpler to plan your journeys. Purchase season tickets, carnets and other tickets for Frecce, Intercity, Regional, EC and EN trains in just a few clicks.

For those who use the train frequently, you will find this really very handy, especially on days when you need to buy the ticket in few clicks right before you catch the train last minute. You can purchase a ticket on Trenitalia at up to 5 minutes from the train departure time.

Fascicolo del Cittadino

Remarkable Must-Have Milan Apps for Living in Milan - image 27

The Fascicolo del Cittadino (Citizen’s Digital File) by Comune of Milan allows you to comfortably manage your requests or services and stay up to date on your relations with the Municipality of Milan.

Fascicolo del Cittadino contains the personal data of the family unit, information relating to enrollments in compulsory education and school services, tax documents and a link to online mobility services.

Through the citizen’s digital file, it is also possible to monitor one’s appointments in the Municipality online, and the mobility pass request, and payment of infringements.

Fascicolo Sanitario by Regione Lombardia

Remarkable Must-Have Milan Apps for Living in Milan - image 28

The Health app of the Lombardy Region lets you quickly access the main digital health services. With Fascicolo Sanitario you can have your entire medical history in a single tool, including: health reports, vaccinations, monitor your appointments, your doctor notes.


Remarkable Must-Have Milan Apps for Living in Milan - image 30

Smart ANPR is a certification and personal data assistance service to access certificates from the anagrafe. To access the services you can use your SPID credentials or your CIE electronic identity card. With Smart ANPR you can request your personal certificates directly from your smartphone avoiding the queue at the counter.

The best news is, they are all free to download on Play store and App Store.

Have you discovered any other app not mentioned? Please do share in the comment box!

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