Monza Makes A Perfect Day & Budget Trip From Milan

Day trip to Monza 1
Monza - Reale Ville
Monza -Villa Reale. The Royal Villa (in English) is a historical building in Monza, surrounded by the Monza Park.

Monza is the third-largest city of Lombardy Region in Italy. It is a city on the River Lambro and just about 15 kilometres (9 miles) northeast of Milan. The proximity of the city to Milan puts it on the list of one of the places to take a day trip to from Milan. Taking a train from Milano Centrale, I arrived at the tranquil city of Monza in 20 minutes.

Just in case you are pondering on whether to visit I will give you five reasons Monza makes a perfect day trip from Milan: 

The Walk: 

Taking a walk from the Train Station to the city centre is a pleasurable experience. Maybe the fact that I visited on a Sunday made the experience more enjoyable for me. Families were here and there and the city was bustling with life. I wasn’t looking to shop or visit specific places, hence I wasn’t bothered if most stores or museums were closed, as it was Sunday. That said, with a 30 minutes slow walk from the train station to the city centre, I was able to savour the environment, taking in the impressive view of the buildings and nature.

See some pictures before reading further:

Little fountain in Monza
I love this little fountain across the Central Train Station
Street View Monza, Italy
By foot, you go up these stairs to reach the city centre
Street view of Monza
Street view of Monza, around the city centre
street view of Monza
Another street view of Monza, walking further through the city centre
Monza - Monumento ai Caduti in Piazza Trento.
Monza – Monumento ai Caduti in Piazza Trento.
Palazzo dell'Arengario or town hall in Piazza Roma, Monza
The 13th century Palazzo dell’Arengario or town hall in Piazza Roma, Monza.
Statue of a boy near the 13th century Palazzo dell'Arengario or town hall in Piazza Roma, Monza.
Statue of a child near the 13th century Palazzo dell’Arengario or town hall in Piazza Roma.
Monza Cathedral
Monza Cathedral. Nicknamed, the Duomo of Monza. It was under some construction as at when I visited in May.
Inside view of Monza Cathedral
Inside view of the Cathedral

The Monza Park: 

The Park is one of the largest urban parks in Europe. A vast expanse of green I have ever seen, I fell in love with the park immediately. When I thought I has seen it all, walking through Villa Reale I was awestruck by how much green I could see, the trees and grass were so richly green it was almost unbelievable.

Monza Park
Monza Park, looking so green.

The Garden at Ville Reale:

Just to the left of the Villa Reale (the first picture) is the Roseto ‘Niso Fumagalli’ botanical garden. I describe Roseto ‘Niso Fumagalli’ botanical garden as one of the most beautiful and tamed I have seen. The smell of different roses and plants fills the air. There are also corners to seat, some beautifully and enticingly decorated.  

Roseto 'Niso Fumagalli' botanical garden
Roseto ‘Niso Fumagalli’ botanical garden
The perfect backdrop, I couldn't miss the chance!
The perfect backdrop, I couldn’t miss the chance!
Roseto 'Niso Fumagalli' botanical garden
The Roseto ‘Niso Fumagalli’ botanical garden
Roseto 'Niso Fumagalli' botanical garden
Roseto ‘Niso Fumagalli’ botanical garden

The Trees:

Parco di Monza has hundreds of trees that provide the coolest shade. I couldn’t help but sit here for not less than 15 minutes on my way to Reale Ville. I love nature, for me it was one of the best feelings to see a lot of trees lined up in a symmetrical order.

The trees Monza Park, Italy
My first encounter with the Park, on my way to Villa Reale.

It’s Budget Friendly:

With less than 5 Euros, you can buy a to and fro train ticket from Milan to Monza.

Chips with barbecue sauce
Chips with a huge splash of barbecue sauce, for less than 3 Euros.

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