Free Parking in Milan

Free parking in Milan

Free parking in Milan is like a rare gem hard to come by. Even though the transportation system within the town is great, people who live on the outskirts of Milan and work in the city often have difficulties coming to town by public transportation. Asides this, the rate at which trains are canceled is alarming – with the next train arriving a lot later.

Hence, the best means of transportation for commuters who live outside the city is by car, or to travel to the nearest metropolitan stop which is more reliable and quick.

Milan is now embarking on a three-year carpooling trial to reduce the number of circulating cars and pollution within the city by offering free parking in Milan to residents. Carpooling is a mode of transport already experimented on long journeys – with existing Carpooling services like Blablar Car that connects travellers to a driver plying their way within Italy.

For people who decide to make their cars available for friends and colleagues who travel the same route to get to Milan, they will need to register at the carpooling platform once the list of accredited carpooling platforms is available.

The city has announced a total of fifty-one free parking stalls at the interchange parking areas of Quarto Oggiaro and Crescenzago; and three places available in each of the car parks of Caterina da Forlì, Famagosta, Cascina Gobba, and Rogoredo. There are plans to increase the parking stalls over the years if the initial trial phase is successful.

How can you apply for free parking in Milan?

You will need to download the app of a carpooling service accredited by the City of Milan and have at least one passenger on board to enjoy a free parking spot in one of the main interchange parking areas located on the outskirt of the city.

Parking in Milan

Free parking in Milan is only allowed on the white zone parking spots, while the blue zone spots are subject to payment, and yellow zone ones are only for residents.

Parking is free in white zone parking spots all over the city, apart from the following areas: Centro Storico, La Cerchio dei Bastioni, La Cerchio Filoviaria of lines 90 and 91, Fiera Milano, San Siro, and Zona Bicocca.

Free Parking in Milan - free parking in milan blue zone
Here is what it looks like. This is a blue zone area.

In areas where parking has to be paid for (blue zones), free parking is possible for the following categories of vehicles:

  • vehicles of residents (only if they are explicitly indicated with vertical signs);
  • vehicles provided with a parking permit for disabled persons;
  • vehicles of the police bodies;
  • vehicles to which special exemptions are granted, provided with the corresponding card.

Parking near Milan’s City center

Milan historic center is a limited traffic area with payment and guarded parking from €3 per hour. Parking spots near the city centre like in Corso Buenos Aires allow street parking but is regulated by the blue areas. Here it costs lesser, at a price of €1.20 per hour (with the “scratch and park” coupon).

In the surrounding streets of downtown, you can find free parking at Via Cadorna (in the section from Piazza Venezia to the intersection with Via dell’Annunziata), Parco Sempione (near La Triennale), and via Díaz. However, traffic in this area is particularly dense, and it is difficult to find available spaces.

If you visit the Cathedral Square, located in area C, the ideal solution is to park near it. In particular, you can leave your car in Porta Romana or in Piazzale Lodi, where it is easy to find a parking spot, outside peak hour.

An alternative is to park at the end of any of the metro lines like Piazzale Abbiategrasso, then catch the metro to the city centre.

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