Palermo vs Milan: 10 Top Guaranteed Reasons To Live In Palermo

Palermo vs Milan: 10 Top Guaranteed Reasons To Live In Palermo - Palermo vs Milan reasons to live

People often walk up to me to ask, to compare your living experiences in Milan and Palermo. “Which do you prefer?”, they would ask. I will often answer with, there are a lot of reasons to choose Palermo over Milan but two reasons not to. Based on my experience living in these two cities, I would tell you to choose Palermo for these reasons:

For The Food

Palermo has more traditional food options than Milan. Not just traditional but very tasty as well. Talk about the Arancina, Canoli, Brioscia, and abundance of Seafood.

For The Beaches

There are gorgeous beaches scattered all around – Capaci, Isola delle Femmine, or Mondello. If you wish, you can easily take a boat cruise to the nearest beautiful coastal towns like Sardinia, Lampedusa, or Calabria. Or opt for a quick drive to Sciacca for the crystal clear sea or Cefalu.

For The People

Milanese people are generally uptight and can be workaholics and chic people. They go about minding their business without second glances at whoever is around them. Hence, it is often difficult to relate to them.

Palermitanos on the other hand are laid-back people who love to enjoy life and meet new people. They are easy to relate with and welcoming.

For The Weather

My weather forecast says it’s gonna be 21-24 degree Celsius by early November here in Palermo. Palermo has over 200 sunshine days with few rainy days in a year. It’s an everyday summer kinda life. It is rare to have a minus degree Celsius during winter unlike in Milan.

For The Cost of Living

Living expenses are half the prices of Milan. The accommodation and food are offered at reasonable prices. Not to be biased, Milan is overpriced with less quality food options. The prices are ridiculously hiked.

For The Tourists Attractions

There are more things to see in Palermo than in Milan. Palermo has a large architectural heritage and is notable for its many Norman buildings. It has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy with notable places like Palazzo Reale with the Cappella Palatina; Chiesa di San Giovanni degli Eremiti; Chiesa di Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio; the Chiesa di San Cataldo; the Cattedrale di Palermo; the Palazzo della Zisa; and the Ponte dell’Ammiraglio. 

For The View and Nature

There are a lot of unspoiled nature and breathtaking views to experience when driving through the city. You will find vineyards, plantations, and cute country houses on the outskirts of Palermo, a rare thing to come by in Milan.

For The Traditional Experience

If you want to experience some typical Italian tradition, Milan is not the place because just like every other big and popular cities, it is westernised. Palermo, even as the capital city of Sicily still observes traditional rites that give you a vivid idea of Italian Culture; like the celebration of Santa Rosalia in July.

For Peace of Mind

Palermo is a relaxing city, less crowded and commotion free. You see in Milan, virtually everyone there is there to hustle – even those who do it illegally like pickpockets. There is a higher vandalism and theft rate in Milan. The chances of getting squeezed in the bus are higher in Milan.

For Home Away From Home Experience

Yes, the home away from home experience. The environment is relaxing, people are more welcoming. It is less crowded and feels safer.

I know you are here for the reasons to choose Palermo over Milan, but as you know, every good thing has a few downsides. The downsides I have are:

  1. Low choice of professional job opportunities. If you are coming to find a great job and settle. Digital Media Agencies, IT jobs, and other related opportunities are sparring. It is tough to get a job as there are just a handful of companies in Palermo
  2. Fewer Transportation Options. The transport system in Sicily is lacking a lot. Asides from the city centre, other areas are almost impossible to reach or you have to wait for hours to catch the bus and then spend another hour to reach your destination. The train also does not service all the parts of the city.
  3. Palermitanos don’t pick their dog ‘poos!’

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