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    Eat Breakfast in Milan like a Local: The 10 Best Recommendations from a Foodie

    Eating breakfast in Milan at local bars is still one of those experiences I can never get weary of.  There are many options for a delicious and or healthy breakfast in Milan. If you want to break away from the usual breakfast choices and opt for something more local, you may want to read on. Forget eggs and bacon, Italians love to have sweet foods for breakfast, even though they have are some options for savoury foods too.

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    Best 10 Local Milanese Food in Milan To Eat

    If you want to uncover the Milanese culture, one way to do it is through the culinary experience, and as a local. Take interest in trying the local Milanese food in Milan and do not fall for the charade of eating randomly. One of the best places you can experience homemade unrefined Milanese dishes in Milan is at Trattorias. Trattorias are often owned by Italian families who cherish the tradition of homemade meals. If you pay attention you will find a lot of these trattorias packed with locals and Italian families during lunch and dinner time. This is a good sign you are in the right place. FAMOUS MILANESE FOOD IN MILAN…

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    12 Delicious Typical Italian Foods Every Tourist Must Try

    Rubbing the tip your index finger against your cheek is a sign you enjoy what you are eating and I have often found myself doing that here in Italy. From trying pastries to street food and real meals, I have largely loved most of the Italian foods, even if I consider some too salty or sugary. I hope we do share the same taste and you will find some typical Italian foods I will recommend great as well. I am not going to be listing food like Lasagne, pizza, pasta, or every other common meals you probably had seen or read about abroad. My goal is to reveal to you what…


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