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    Perfect Summer in Basilicata & Puglia, Video + Pictures

    At 3:00 am sharp on July 27th, 2020, I descended from the flight of stairs, moving as lightly as I can so I don’t arouse my sleeping neighbours. A wave of excitement rushed through me as I think of my one week vacation ahead. I did a quick checklist in my head to ascertain I had not forgotten anything: comb, hair straightener, beachwear, toothbrush, and most importantly my laptop.

  • Dating in Italy
    Personal Experience

    Dating in Italy is hard, or Am I Just Too Picky?

    What are your dating experiences like here in Italy? I would like to know. Often times I ask myself, is dating in Italy too hard, or am I just too picky? My longest relationship was in my teenage years, and it lasted for a little over two years. The longer relationship after that lasted for eleven months and they just grew shorter in months, to days, and even hours – yes hours!

  • movies filmed in beautiful italian cities
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    22 Videos of Famous International Movies Filmed in Beautiful Italian Cities

    The weekend is here! Grab your popcorn. I’m a huge movie fan, and so do I like to travel. I’ve always wanted to do a post on movies filmed in beautiful Italian cities. Often times I binge watch when I feel stressed out and the need to detox my brain. Asides from travelling, watching a good movie – particularly a good horror movie – keeps me charged. Below are some international movies with scenes shot in Italy. Have you seen any of them?

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    What To Know About Celebrating Italy Republic Day

    Festa della Repubblica is the Italian National Day and Italy Republic Day, which is celebrated on 2 June each year, with the main celebration that takes place in Rome. The Festa della Repubblica is one of the national symbols of Italy. Similar to Independence Day in the US and other countries, it celebrates the official formation of the Republic of Italy after World War II.

  • travelling to italy
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    All You Need to Know If Travelling To or From Italy – Post COVID 19

    Unrestricted travel to and from European countries, with no quarantine requirement, will start on June 3rd. No official word yet on when restrictions will be lifted on flights to and from countries outside of Europe – but the external borders of the EU remain closed to non-essential travel until June 15 at the earliest. Don’t be too quick to rejoice as only certain people are allowed in – Italian citizens and residents, flight crew too, and citizens or residents of other European countries needing to pass through Italy to go home.

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    48 Hours in Milano: A Comprehensive Guide

    You’ve got only 48 hours in Milano. What should you do? What are the top spots to visit in Milan? What should you eat? 48 in Milan seems like a little time – it is – but if you plan your time well, you should be beaming with the satisfaction of putting this 48 hours into judicious use while here in Milan. So I’m here you give you some suggestions on how to spend 48 hours in Milan, I will from covering topics from places to see in Milan to what to eat and where to shop local. Without ado, here we go!

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    Travel Solo in Milan |The Best Solo Traveler’s Guide

    To travel solo in Milan can be quite boring – if you are not used to traveling alone. No one to take pictures with or share the laughs and momentary experiences. It takes a lot of guts to dare to travel alone. Especially if you plan to have fun and a glorious remembrance of your trip. Most people plan a solo trip because they need to get away from their environment and people, go far away from it so they can have time to think over an issue or come to terms with some life-changing developments.

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    Best Guide on How to Take Public Transportation in Milan, New Fare Prices

    Options for public transportation in Milan include the subway – popularly called metro here, bus, BikeMi (bike sharing system), and tram. There are different options for you, which depends largely on how many times you may need to use public transportation in Milan as a tourist or visitor. As a resident, you have better choices. So if you just recently moved to Milan and you are looking for the best options for you, then read on.

  • covid 19 in milan
    Milan,  Where to Eat

    COVID 19 in Milan, What are the Comprehensive New Rules for Dining Out?

    COVID 19 in Milan kept a lot of people at home and bored. Many people were tired of eating their own cooked meal and staying at home, so when the government eased the lockdown on May 4th, Navigli was full of people, nullifying the social distancing that is still in place and being enforced. The Italian government, however, stated that maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask over the nose, and filling a self-certification form could be required necessary next time you go out for a meal in Milan or anywhere else in Italy.

  • expired permesso di soggiorno

    The Solution to an Expired Permesso di Soggiorno without Renewal

    Expired permesso di soggiorno can be a pain in the butt. It’s time to queue up again and carry on with the endless paperwork. Since the current global pandemic (Covid-19) has forced everyone to be on a lockdown and offices to close, many questions have emerged from expats living in Milan and Italy about the renewal of their expired or almost expiring Permesso di Soggiorno. The Minstero dell’ Interno has provided the needed information on the Poliziadistato website for expired permesso di soggiorno – the official national website that deals with matters on Permesso di Soggiorno and more. According to the press release: “All certificates, permits and authorisation documents expiring…

  • permesso di soggiorno provvisorio

    9 Quick Easy Steps to Apply for a Permesso di Soggiorno Provvisorio

    Permesso di Soggiorno Provvisorio allows you to travel to other countries other than your home country while you are awaiting the renewal of your Permesso di Soggiorno. If you’ve currently submitted your application for the Permesso di Soggiorno at the Post Office or at a Patro Nato in Milan, your appointment may be in three to six months from the day you’ve applied, or less – if you are very lucky. According to the Portale Immigrazione website, “those who have a residence permit being renewed can only travel between Italy and their country of origin, however showing the receipt of application along with the valid passport at the border“.

  • breakfast in milan
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    Eat Breakfast in Milan like a Local: The 10 Best Recommendations from a Foodie

    Eating breakfast in Milan at local bars is still one of those experiences I can never get weary of.  There are many options for a delicious and or healthy breakfast in Milan. If you want to break away from the usual breakfast choices and opt for something more local, you may want to read on. Forget eggs and bacon, Italians love to have sweet foods for breakfast, even though they have are some options for savoury foods too.

  • Permesso di soggiorno per atessa Occupazione

    9 Easy Steps to Convert Student Permit to Permesso di Soggiorno per Attesa Occupazione

    Hurray! You’ve successfully completed your study and graduated in Italy. So what next? If your plan is to stay back in Milan or Italy to look for a job or live in Italy, the government has made a provision for you. The Permesso di Soggiorno per Attesa Occupazione also called “Atessa di Lavoro” gives a one year grace period to new graduates who are not Europeans to search for a job.

  • coronavirus-what-next
    Journal,  Opinion

    Opinion Piece: After Covid-19, What Next?

    January 10th 2020, my phoned buzzed. I stirred and cursed under my breath as I looked over at Alexa. It was only 2.13am. I scuffled across the bed to the dresser to see who was calling. I answered the call with a husky, “hello babe” into the receiver. “Have you been following the international news lately?” Lin queried. If there is one person that knows me so well, it is my best friend – Lin.

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    Milan,  Explore Milan

    8 Best Places to Go Dancing in Milan

    So you like to go clubbing too and you are in search of the best places to go dancing in Milan? Here in Milan, you are required to show your ID before you are allowed to enter into night clubs. So ensure you have it with you. Access to night clubs in Milan and Italy is restricted to people aged 16 years and over. Unaccompanied children under 16 are not allowed in night clubs or bars in Italy. Some establishments also have higher age restrictions – mostly 18 or 21 years and over.

  • Summer in Ischia
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    Incredible Summer in Ischia: 5 Days Experience

    Storytellers, movies, and poets have shown and described the splendour of Ischia in ways I can never hope to do. However, let me just say it’s one of the most outstandingly beautiful places I have seen! I had an incredible summer in Ischia! For the inauguration of its new blog, BSO Group decided to unveil its plan in a grand style with a press trip, selecting ten journalists and bloggers to explore and spend summer in Ischia and experience a bit of its enogastronomy at some of its finest locations. 

  • ATM Milano
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    3 Remarkable Must-Have Milan Apps for Everyone

    Living in Milan, one of the things I do not fancy is staying on long and almost endless queues. These Milan apps I discovered have made life a lot easier for me. If you have lived in Milano long enough, and most especially engaged in any sort of paperwork, you would be accustomed to the queue at the Post Office, Anagrafe and even the public hospitals (I had a horrid experience at a public hospital, where I spent 5 hours to be attended to, then canceled from the list – back in Palermo).

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    Rome experience – Excuse Me, But I Have An Unpopular Opinion!

    “I can’t believe you’ve never been to the Capital – Rome”. That’s the reaction I get after I mention I’ve visited over twenty other Italian towns and cities except for Rome. “Rome is beautiful, you really need to see it” they would persuade. “Everywhere you turn is a piece of art, the street, every inch…” they would continue to say. “Alright, alright, I would visit Rome soon” I would answer, just to get them off my case.

  • residence certificate in milan

    3 Swift & Simple Steps to Get a Residence Certificate in Milan | Dichiarazione di Residenza

    The Dichiarazione di Residenza simply means a declaration of residence – that is officially stating where you live in Milan or Italy. You may not be aware that you also need to go to the Anagrafe to apply for a residence certificate in Milan, alongside the Permesso di Soggiorno. For non-EU citizens, the Permesso di Soggiorno is practically the only document you may have been told to get within 8 days on your arrival in Milan. 

  • Free parking in Milan

    Free Parking in Milan

    Free parking in Milan is like a rare gem hard to come by. Even though the transportation system within the town is great, people who live in the outskirts of Milan and work in the city often have difficulties coming to town by public transportation. Asides this, the rate at which trains are cancelled is alarming – with the next train arriving a lot later.

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    Journal,  Personal Experience

    2 Years of Living in Italy – Best, Worst and Ugliest Experiences!

    It’s my two years anniversary of living in Italy! Trust me, I am not here to complain much, I’ve had the best times here regardless of the stories I will be sharing with you in a moment. Moving to a new country is never easy, and you definitely know this if you have temporarily or permanently moved for study, a job, or any other reason. It may take you weeks to figure out a lot of things. In these weeks, you may take the wrong routes and hop on the wrong buses. It is at moments you want to order a sumptuous cone of gelato you realize you don’t even…

  • Milan blog
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    What to do in Milan for the Rest of January 2019

    Let me officially say to my readers, Happy New Year! If you follow my social media pages, you would probably notice a lot has been going on with me. I recently graduated, and my mind has been running on so many things all at once. The reality of job hunting is so surreal, trying to juggle between interviews and carrying on necessary daily activities. The year has been so busy for me, I know right – already? It’s better late than never they say, so I will be giving you my usual suggestions of what to do in Milan, for this January.

  • Milan malpensa airport to city centre

    Milan Malpensa Airport to Milan City Centre: Best and Cheapest Travel Routes

    Malpensa airport to Milan city centre is about an hour and a half drive. I spent a whopping €130 on a taxi from Malpensa to Piazza Cinque Giornate axis back in 2016 when I newly arrived in Milan. Not that I couldn’t have opted for a cheaper option – which is the bus, but I was too tired to ask for information after a long flight. I had zero clues on how things worked or where to turn.

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    Christmas in Milan, 6 Best Local Experiences!

    Christmas in Milan is my most favourite time of the year! I think you can tell by how eager I am to share with you activities for the month, well in advance. I just love to walk the Duomo square to hear the Christmas songs blasting over the speakers – especially the song “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey. The season just makes me feel so warm-hearted and lifts my spirit. Whether you are a local or you are just spending Christmas in Milan,  you will find my recommendations handy. Here you go: 

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    Day Trips from Milan,  Milan

    A Rare and Crazy Experience Day Trip to Mantova!

    What started out as a fun and all-smiles day left us high and dry. We got not only stranded and deceived but with a lot of good pictures. A night before, we agreed to go on a spontaneous day trip to Mantova. The weather forecast said it would rain but we were willing to take the chances. Well, I wish it had rain because at least I would be only wet. I know you are curious to know what really happened.

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    Events in Milan,  Milan

    What to do in Milan This October

    The cold days are finally here. Many would be interested in how to keep warm and still have a good time, especially if you are a tourist. Best to recommend during this period will no doubt be indoor events and activities. Therefore, I would recommend visiting the Museums in Milan. FYI, some museums in Milan are free on the first Sunday of each month, I wrote about it earlier, read it here. Milan Games Week A 3-day event will hold from 5th to 7th October 2018 at the Fiera Milano Congressi S.p.A. in Milano, Italy. This event showcases games products and services in the Sporting Goods, Toys & Games industry.…

  • navigli milan blog
    Events in Milan,  Milan

    Things to do in Milan this September

    Goodbye summer! I am not sure what season I should be inviting you to because Autumn starts on September 23 and summer officially ended on the 31st of August in Milan. My recommendations are coming later than usual, but it’s better late than never. Where you at the Formula1 Milan Festival that held earlier this month in Milan? I missed it, I only saw Instagram videos that made me wish I didn’t.

  • Duomo Milan Blogger
    Milan,  Newbie

    Is Milan Safe for Tourists? Read My Personal Experience

    Is Milan safe for tourists? That is the question on the lips of many vacationers who are concerned about their well being before heading to the city of Milan. I remember when I was newly moving to Italy, my dad was very skeptical about my choice because of the high rate of crimes he had read about, particularly related to the Mafias. He gave me a long talk on how I should stay safe and avoid troubles. Truth is, I have come to realize the Mafias my dad even feared do not terrorize the citizens face-to-face, they do not roam the streets looking for whom to prey. They mostly operate…

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    Events in Milan,  Milan

    August 2018 in Milan: what to do.

    The Ferragosto Month of August is finally here! While I am excited because of the holiday that comes along with it, I have been dealt with pretty badly by the heat. There is that saying that you can’t have it all right? Alot of places and events will be on shutdown in Milan. This is because a lot of business owners escape to other cities more cooler and with the sea. If you would remain in Milan, remember to shop ahead for food and other necessities so you don’t get stranded! As you may have imagined, I would be escaping the city to Tuscany’s seaside. You can follow my Instagram…

  • Pinacoteca di Brera 2
    Explore Milan,  Milan

    22 Archaeological Sites and Free Museums in Milan

    Free Museums in Milan refers to the tradition of opening public museums for free every first Sunday of each month. You can get a chance to see your favourite arts like the painting of ‘The last supper’ for free. This is also a good chance to see a lot of antiques, sculptures, and ancient items dating back to BC. Sometimes, all sections of the museum are not opened on this occasion, but there are still quite a lot you can see. The initiative for free museums in Milan and archaeological sites was suggested by Dario Franceschini, Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism to all public museums all over…

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    Explore Milan,  Milan

    Nightlife in Milan, Great 8 Places to Hangout

    Nightlife in Milan is top like Italians would refer to anything they truly love. One of the common activities to engage in on a night out in Milan is an aperitivo, also called aperitif or happy hour. The traditional Italian aperitivo is majorly made up of selected snacks like pizzetta (little pizza), traditional rolls, and nuts. Westernization made aperitivo what is now commonly found today, that is, a choice of drink complemented with an endless buffet of tasty Italian cuisines and traditional desserts.

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    Events in Milan,  Milan

    Local Habits & Events to Indulge in Milan this July

    Two things that make July unique are the many concerts and fruits. I have been eating a lot of fruits lately and making homemade smoothies. Do like a Milanese and enjoy summer vegetables all through July. Forest berries, wild blueberries, apricots, and melons are in bloom. You can survive the summer heat with fresh juices from fruits and prosciutto – that do not require any cooking whatsoever. As you may already know, July is a very busy month in Milan as there would be a lot of concerts. For this month, I have handpicked some events happening in Milan that may prick your interest.

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    Food,  What to Eat

    Best 10 Local Milanese Food in Milan To Eat

    If you want to uncover the Milanese culture, one way to do it is through the culinary experience, and as a local. Take interest in trying the local Milanese food in Milan and do not fall for the charade of eating randomly. One of the best places you can experience homemade unrefined Milanese dishes in Milan is at Trattorias. Trattorias are often owned by Italian families who cherish the tradition of homemade meals. If you pay attention you will find a lot of these trattorias packed with locals and Italian families during lunch and dinner time. This is a good sign you are in the right place. FAMOUS MILANESE FOOD IN MILAN…

  • best beaches near milan
    Day Trips from Milan,  Milan

    10 Best Beaches Near Milan for a Day trip

    Best beaches near Milan take as little as 1 hour to as much as 5 hours to reach. That said, how are you coping with the summer ‘hotness’? I classify July and especially August as the still-air period in Milan. It becomes so humid and as a friend described, you would literally sweat for just lifting a finger. One of the shortcomings of living in Milan during summer is the inability to enjoy the seaside. As the weather now gets more humid and hot, I wish I could relocate to a house just by the seashore. But oh well, in my dreams.

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    Complete One Day in Milan Blog + Best Visual Guided Map

    A search like “one day in Milan” will return dozens of things you can do. While it’s impossible to visit all the museums, places of interest and famous landmarks in one day in Milan, with careful planning and the help of my recommendations, you can make the most of your time in Milan. Yes, you can explore in just one day in Milan with a well-planned guide. That’s why I’m here. My recommendations are places I have spent quality time at and enjoyed greatly living in Milan. I have listed these places in order of proximity to make it easy for you to navigate.

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    Events in Milan,  Milan

    What to do in Milan for June 2018: Personal Recommendations for an Enjoyable Month

    As spring is finally paving the way for summer, there are more outdoor activities you can engage without the worry of catching a cold. I will forever be a strong advocate of the warmer months because I get to finally eat gelato and also for the fact that I get to wander the city in fewer clothes. My friends think I am crazy for sticking with this preference even after my first extremely hot summer experience in Milan last year. Well well, look at a beautiful representation of spring I found on my way to lunch🌼 ~ Follow my page @girl.in.milan to learn more about my life in Milan, Italy📍…

  • Day trip to florence from milan
    Italy Trips,  Travel

    48 Hours in Florence, Tuscany’s Paradise

    Florence is known as the “cradle of the Renaissance”, la culla del Rinascimento in Italian and it is no doubt one of the most visited towns in the Tuscany region. I have seen a lot of blogs and websites add Florence to the list of places you should take a day trip to from Milan. With the fast train Freccia Rossa, it takes only about an hour and a half – so in the past, I agreed it was a great idea for a day trip from Milan. However, after I visited this beautiful city nestled in between the hills in Tuscany, I took a different stance. Florence needs more than a day…

  • Fashion week milan
    Events in Milan,  Milan

    Milan Fashion Week AW 2018 | Charming Chanel Joan Elkayam Collection

    After days of deliberating what angle to take on my experience at the recently concluded Milan Fashion Week A/W edition, I decided to tell it exactly how I experienced it.  The runway show opened with a dreamy song pouring over the speakers. I felt the goosebumps rise and I was immediately taken to lalaland. I fixated my eyes on the aisle, with my phone held high in the air – ready to capture. She walked down the aisle, looking like she just walked right out of the song pouring from the speakers. I instantly felt connected to the music and style. It had just begun, but I could tell I would love…

  • Permesso di Soggiorno Ricevuta

    Can you travel with the Permesso di Soggiorno Receipt? Best Answer and Solution

    If you’ve currently submitted your application for the Permesso di Soggiorno at the Post Office or at a Patro Nato in Milan, your appointment may be in three to six months from the day you’ve applied, or less – if you are very lucky. Hence you have only your permesso di soggiorno receipt as proof of your application. According to the Portale Immigrazione website, “those who have a residence permit being renewed can only travel between Italy and their country of origin, however showing the receipt of application along with the valid passport at the border“.

  • cannolo by stefano pasticceria
    Food,  What to Eat

    12 Delicious Typical Italian Foods Every Tourist Must Try

    Rubbing the tip your index finger against your cheek is a sign you enjoy what you are eating and I have often found myself doing that here in Italy. From trying pastries to street food and real meals, I have largely loved most of the Italian foods, even if I consider some too salty or sugary. I hope we do share the same taste and you will find some typical Italian foods I will recommend great as well. I am not going to be listing food like Lasagne, pizza, pasta, or every other common meals you probably had seen or read about abroad. My goal is to reveal to you what…

  • Living as an African in milan
    Journal,  Personal Experience

    Racial Discrimination – Living as an African in Italy

    Racial discrimination, this is a very touchy topic many Africans would not dare to thread. Who wants to be reminded that their forefathers were tortured and sold to slavery? It doesn’t only sting the heart but has left a stigma. When you are moving to a new country – especially switching continents, one of the first things you consider is how hostile or hospitable the citizens are towards people that are racially different. In Italy, I have had a lot of funny questions thrown at me about Africa, like – ‘do you live with Lions in Africa?’ I just laugh out really loud because I have never seen a real…

  • Sicily food Festival
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    Remarkable Memoirs from the Sicily Street Food Festival 2017

    The Sicily Street Food Festival at Cefalu held in September.  There were a lot of traditional Sicilian snacks and food. From Panella to Arancina to contemporary snacks like burger (panino) but made in the Sicilian way – with swordfish shaped in the form of a sausage. An event that has the ambition to make public and private subjects dialogue on the themes of the enhancement of Sicilian food and the promotion of the territory. An event that has chosen to offer the stage to companies that have a preference for quality and focus on the value that tourism. The event is a homeland of the UNESCO heritage of the Mediterranean Diet that combines together taste, health, and local production. I had the…

  • Cefalu 1 scaled
    Italy Trips,  Travel

    10 hours in Charming Cefalù: Watch Highlights from My Day Trip

    Cefalù is a coastal city in northern Sicily, Italy well known for the beautiful beach. It’s known for its Norman cathedral, a 12th-century fortress-like structure with elaborate Byzantine mosaics and soaring twin towers. Nearby, the Mandralisca Museum is home to archaeological exhibits and a picture gallery with a portrait by Antonello da Messina. The beaches of Mazzaforno and Settefrati lie to the west. It takes about an hour by train from Palermo to Cefalù. You can find information on train tickets on Trenitalia.

  • Romania Budget Countries from Milan 1

    12 Finest Budget-Friendly Countries Near Milan, Italy You Can Visit

    Christmas is around the corner. The holiday bells will jingle soon. The countdown has begun. I am getting prepped for the holidays. What about you? If you are thinking of the cheapest countries near Milan to visit this holiday, well, we are together. I also travel, but without the need to break the bank. So I have put together this article on countries from Milan for our benefits. Most of the flight prices are quoted from mid-December, using Googleflights. As you may know, flight prices are more hiked during the holidays and festive seasons. Making your travel plans well in advance will land you better price offers. Another option is to travel…

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    Italy Trips,  Day Trips from Milan,  Milan

    Lecco Blog | Here’s Why You Should Take A Day Trip From Milan To Lecco

    Lecco is a lake city with a lot of attractions and things to offer. Rocky, colourful and serene are three words that can perfectly describe the city. This lake city is in the same region as Milan – Lombardy. It is a perfect choice if you looking to escape Milan for a day to somewhere peaceful and with a beautiful view. Lecco is only 39 minutes by train from Milano Centrale. You can visit the Trenitalia website for information on train schedules and ticket price. There is a fair share of tourist attractions in the city of Lecco. I will advise you to allow a full day as there are…

  • Mondello Palermo Sicily 1 scaled
    Italy Trips,  Travel

    Mondello, the City of Crystal Blue Sea has My LEAST FAVOURITE Beach Around Palermo

    Mondello is a little posh town located in Southern Italy. The fact that this little posh town is a 10 minutes drive from the centre of the Capital City – Palermo, makes it one of the most visited destinations for tourists – and locals too. In Mondello, you would find luxurious villas and cute old houses dating back to 100 centuries or more. There is a popular notion that many rich Italians who live in Palermo simply go to Mondello during summer to relax at their villas – which is a stone throw from the sea. The town is at its peak during summer with an influx of tourists coming to vacay…

  • Sciacca Sicily Blog 1
    Italy Trips,  Travel

    Sciacca is the Leading City of Ceramic & Delicious Arancina

    My summer has been much more eventful than I had thought or planned. Just when I thought I will spend the summer exploring Milan and its nearby cities more, I moved to a new city at the peak of summer – July. Even though I love and miss Milan greatly, I am beginning to fall more in love with Sicily – the beaches, gelato, and food are to die for! Back to Sciacca, my first visit to Sciacca was on the 19th of August, and I have returned here again for two reasons – for love and for the silver clear beach – you can see the little white fishes…

  • Day trip to Monza 1
    Day Trips from Milan,  Italy Trips,  Milan

    Monza Makes A Perfect Day & Budget Trip From Milan

    Monza is the third-largest city of Lombardy Region in Italy. It is a city on the River Lambro and just about 15 kilometres (9 miles) northeast of Milan. The proximity of the city to Milan puts it on the list of one of the places to take a day trip to from Milan. Taking a train from Milano Centrale, I arrived at the tranquil city of Monza in 20 minutes. Just in case you are pondering on whether to visit I will give you five reasons Monza makes a perfect day trip from Milan:  The Walk:  Taking a walk from the Train Station to the city centre is a pleasurable experience. Maybe…

  • Permesso di soggiorno milan 1

    How to Obtain a Permesso di Soggiorno ‘Residence Stay Permit’ in Milan

    Permesso di Soggiorno is a paperwork most foreigners dread most in Italy, it is never done. The first frustration is the language, especially if you have no knowledge of Italian. You need to start looking for information from every nook and cranny of the internet in English.However, the process is slowly getting better and it remains one of those necessities of life in Italy as a foreigner.  A permesso di soggiorno will usually last for a year or longer.  Hence you may need to renew yearly or less frequently, for as long as you stay in Italy. Here is how you can get your very own Permesso di Soggiorno (Italian permit…

  • Learn Italian basic phrases

    25 Basic Italian Phrases For Tourists Visiting Italy

    If you are planning to visit any part of Italy, then you are probably aware it may be difficult to communicate with the locals or get around if you don’t speak the official language of the country – Italian. Catch up some few popularly used Italian Phrases before your arrival in Italy:  Hello/Bye –> Ciao! What’s your name? –>Come si chiama? How are you? –> Come va? Fine –> Bene Do you speak English? –> Parla inglese? Thank you very much –>  Grazie mille. You’re welcome –>  Prego. Please –> Per favore. Yes –>  Sì. No –> No. Excuse me –> Mi scusi. I’m sorry –> Mi dispiace. I don’t understand –>  Non capisco. I don’t speak Italian –> Non parlo Italiano. I don’t speak Italian very well –> Non…

  • One day in turin 1
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    I Explored all the Famous Places in Turin City Under 13 hours – Day Trip

    A friend told me, you don’t have to spend a fortune to travel – you don’t have to go bankrupt. All you need to do is to search the best deals online, make a budget and stick to it! Following this advice, at the spur of the moment, I decided to take a day trip to Torino. Yes, I operate impulsively most times! Just like in the case of my trip to Paris. Since Torino is just about two hours away (by bus) from Milan, I could go and return the same day. And in 13 hours, I did a lot! I wish although, I had spent more days in…

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    Milan,  Events in Milan

    Milano Carnival 2017 at Piazza Duomo

    Milano Carnival starts after the Italian Carnival ends. It is typically called “Carnevale Ambrosiano”. Usually, in Milan there is a day parade and a night party in Piazza Duomo. The Carnival holds every year in March, with a whirlwind of beautiful costumes worn by both adults and children. The sweetest aroma of chiacchiere and tortelli fills the air. Carnival is the perfect opportunity for locals and visitors to taste traditional food, like sweet chiacchiere, available in the city’s pastry shops (called pasticcerie in Italian). There were a lot of activities at Duomo Square to celebrate the Carnival in Milan last weekend. Some of the activities included a street parade with clowns, jugglers, and music.…

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    A Christmas in the City of Love: Paris

    Making a last minute decision to go to Paris for Christmas is a choice I’m glad I made. Paris has always been on my bucket list of places to visit in Europe. The world-renowned city of love – Paris, is known for its romantic charm in endearing lovers and tourists alike. After living in Milan for 6 months, I can say the architecture design of buildings in Paris and Milan are very similar. Paris is another ancient and gothic city of its own, like Milan. Before my trip to Paris last December, I would have argued I had basic knowledge of French. I mean, I spent a couple of my…

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    Journal,  Personal Experience

    Living in Milan, Terrific First Days in the City

    Moving from Nigeria to Milan. Recounting my first days experiences. “Are you sure you don’t need to take more food stuff?” My mum asked for the third time that morning. “No Mum. My luggage will be over weighed.” I countered. She retreated and hurried me to get ready for the airport. I closed my bag as feelings of excitement and worry gushed through me. It was my first time moving away from Nigeria, and in Milan. It worried me that I had given up my well-paying job to become better educated. But I wanted to experience a new culture and see new places – these were the thoughts that got…


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