Luxury Experience: A Guide to Shopping Designer Brands in Milan

Serravalle Designer Outlet

When you visit Milan, shopping for ‘Made in Italy’ brands should be on your priority list, as it is for many tourists, and locals alike.

Well-known Italian luxury brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Fendi, Valentino, Giorgio Armani, and Gucci – just to mention a few – are the epitomes of the fashion world.

These top brands are recognised all over the world, and the best place to buy them is here, in Italy – where they originated.

Luxury brands in more recent times have been argued to be more sustainable than fast-fashion brands because they can last for generations.

Though it took me a while to grasp the concept of luxury buying, I am glad I finally do, and the best feeling is finding luxury pieces at hard-to-believe prices that make me give myself a pat on the back.

I mean 70% off, and sometimes even up to 95% off, as in my case during my recent visit to Serravalle Designer Outlet is definitely a great bargain.

Seravalle Designer Outlet

I received an invitation from Milano Style for a Blogger Media Tour at Serravalle Designer Outlet, housing over 230 premium and luxury stores, located one-hour drive away from Milan.

The day kicked off with an insightful chat at the VIP Lounge, over fine wine (produced in the region) and delicious pastries, as the Director of Marketing and Tourism explained all the services the Outlet is putting in place to make it a one-stop experience centre. We also discussed the #THINKSERAVELLE Project, which I will be talking about a little later.

First, let’s talk about how to get to Seravalle Desinger Outlet from Milan.

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How to Reach Serravalle from Milan

It’s strategic location between the cities of Milan, Turin and Genova; and the seaside of Liguria, makes an ideal spot to visit, even for a stop-over.

You can use a private transfer directly to Serravalle from your hotel in Milan, with the luxury private individual or group transfer service, from €80 per person.

Choose to go by taxi, you can ask for special rates from Milan with Taxi Blu 02-4040.

You can hop on one of the shuttles going directly to the outlet from key locations in Milan: Largo Cairoli (near Cardorna); Centrale Station; Porta Venezia; or Duomo.

For a posh experience, I suggest you:

  • Opt for Premium Parking (if driving)
  • Purchase the VIP Pass – which includes Fashion Passport for an additional 10% off; access to the lounge, and Flex Returnto return whenever you want with the Zani Viaggi shuttle
  • Download the Drop It application. The app allows you to shop hands-free and simply collect all the items you have added to your cart at different boutiques directly at the Concierge, after your day of shopping.

If you live outside Europe, now including the United Kingdom, I suggest you stop by the Global Blue or Planet Tax-Refund Office to receive tax refunds on your purchases.

I was endeared by the Play Land and Floral’s Baby Park, where the little ones can have a swell time and even get looked after, while parents or guardians enjoy a full shopping time. I also find it thoughtful that a Prayer Room is present for Muslim visitors.

You can learn more about other available services on the Parent Company website of Serravalle Designer Outlet – McArthurGlen.

ledolciterre, a Taste of the Territory

We had lunch at ledolciterre, a part of the #THINKSERAVALLE project, and a traditional local restaurant, with 200 labels of Gavi and Monferato wines, chocolates, and craft specialties from the Piedmont region.

Here’s definitely the best place to explore the region’s gastronomy and wine, produced in the hills surrounding the outlet. The restaurant lets you taste the territory, using local products – wine, chocolate, and artisan desserts.

I had a tasty dish of pasta with large chunks of white truffles, desserts, cheeses, and hams, accompanied with wine from the territory.


Wine tours, truffle hunting, cooking classes, chocolate and desserts factory, slow tourism, and wellness are some of the activities you can book and enjoy around Serravalle Designer Outlet.

In 2017, #THINKSERRAVALLE was brought to the limelight with the aim to accompany visitors to discover the most beautiful and evocative places of the region, located on the border between the rolling hills of Piedmont and the sea of ​​Liguria.

If you are keen to fully uncover what the region has to offer, then I recommend you include visits to Monferatto, one of the most important wine districts of Italy, and book some experiences in the Gavi Hills.

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