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Lecco is a lake city with a lot of attractions and things to offer. Rocky, colourful and serene are three words that can perfectly describe the city.

Lecco Street View
Lecco Street View

This lake city is in the same region as Milan – Lombardy. It is a perfect choice if you looking to escape Milan for a day to somewhere peaceful and with a beautiful view.

Lecco is only 39 minutes by train from Milano Centrale. You can visit the Trenitalia website for information on train schedules and ticket price.

There is a fair share of tourist attractions in the city of Lecco. I will advise you to allow a full day as there are many things you can do and see. From the list below, you can prioritize the places you would love to visit based on your interest.

Here are some pictures of the lake and town:

A house overlooking the Lake with San Niccolo bell tower in view
Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Florence
Ponte Vecchio Bridge

The Ponte Vecchio bridge in Lecco shares its name with another bridge in Florence. Apart from the bridge for automobiles, there is a walkway with fat benches nested under the trees. The benches are close enough to the railings so you can see the activities going on on the lake – like a woman paddling a canoe; speedboats carrying a bunch of tourists; few shirtless youths taking a dive and having a picnic by the shore; and men fishing. This spot is very calm, calm enough to hear the little fountain located somewhere along the walkway from quite a far distance. It was very evident that the Lungo Lago di Lecco steals the shine of this beautiful spot as it was full to the brim with locals and tourists.

A pinched view of the Lungo Lago di Lecco, walking in from Viale della Costituzione. The walking path around the lake is in a snake line, and it is indeed Lungo (long).

Museums in Lecco:

  • Palace of Fears
  • Torre Viscontea
  • Museo della montagna
  • Osservatorio Alpinistico Lecchese
  • Palazzo Belgioioso – Polo Museale
  • Moto Guzzi Museum
  • Resinelli Adventure Park
  • Parco Archeologico dei Piani di Barra
  • Civic Museum Setificio Monti
  • Museo Medardo Rosso
  • Eremo Di San Genesio

Monuments/Structures In Lecco:

  • Monumento Antonio Stoppani
  • Campanile San Nicolò
  • Sentiero Spirito Del Bosco
  • Monument to Mario Cermenati
  • Lungolago di Lecco
  • Carlo Guzzi Statue
  • Monument to Garibaldi
  • Villa Bertarelli
  • Piana di San Tommaso
  • Ponte Vecchio Bridge

Parks in Lecco:

  • Parco naturale del Monte Barro
  • Riserva naturale Sasso Malascarpa
  • Parco Monte Barro
  • Happy Jungle
  • Parco Monte Barro- Centro Flora Autoctona
  • Parco di Villa Gomes

Mountains in Lecco:

  • Monte Resegone
  • Grigna
  • Grignetta
  • Corni di Canzo
  • Cornizzolo
  • Monte Barro
  • Monte Due Mani
  • Moncodeno
  • Monte San Martino
  • Zucco Di Desio

Beaches/Lakes in Lecco:

  • Pradello – beach
  • Abbadia Lariana Beach
  • Lago Di Lecco – lake

Hiking Areas in Lecco:

  • Cascata Del Cenghen

Basilica in Lecco:

  • Abbazia di San Pietro al Monte

Wildlife Refuge in Lecco:

  • Sentiero delle Vasche Lecco
  • Sentiero delle Vasche

The city is a great pick for hiking or mountain climbing. If you want a panoramic view of the city, go to Piana di San Tommaso. Visit Lungolago di Lecco for a spectacular view of the sea and mountains.

Also, visit Piana d’erna in Lecco and take the cable tram to experience a breathtaking view.

You can reach Piana d’erna in 20 minutes by a bus you can catch just outside the train station. You can walk around the village and discover beautiful villas hidden in the dense vegetation and cosy bars with amazing overview of the lake.

See some pictures:

Cable Car, Lecco
Cable Car, Lecco
Piana d'Erna
Piana d’Erna
Piana d'Erna
Piana d’Erna
Piana d'Erna
Piana d’Erna
Piana d'Erna
Piana d’Erna
Piana d'Erna
Piana d’Erna
Piana d'Erna Panorama
Piana d’Erna Panorama
Piana d'Erna
Piana d’Erna
Cable Link from Lecco to Piana d'Erna
Cable Link from Lecco to Piana d’Erna

Enjoy your trip!

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