Simple Steps to Get a Carta d’Identita, an Italian ID Card for EU and Non-EU Residents

residence certificate in milan

For non-EU citizens, the Permesso di Soggiorno is practically the only document you may have been told to request within 8 days of your arrival in Milan. You may not be aware that you can also request a Carta d’Identita, even as non-Italian or European, alongside your Permesso di Soggiorno.

To apply for your Italian ID card, you would need to first declare and prove to the municipality that you live in Italy, and this is done when you follow the process of dichiarazione di residenza.

Dichiarazione di Residenza simply means declaring your residence in Milan – that is officially communicating where you live in Milan or Italy. Your Carta d’identita on the other hand serves as an ID card that you can easily carry with you and use within Italy.

Applying for the Residence Certificate in Milan

Make an appointment to visit the Anagrafe

Book an appointment online. I advise you to do this in time as you may not find a free slot until up to three to six months away.

Get your Codice Fiscale (Tax Code)

If you don’t have one, you can head to the Agenzia delle Entrate to get it.

Day of the appointment

Take with you the required documents, both original and photocopies:

1. Filled form

2. Codice Fiscale (Tax Code)

3. Passport: Your passport should show your entry visa, even if expired

4. Your Permesso di Soggiorno: If you are awaiting the PS, take with you the slip of application for the Permesso di Soggiorno (for non-EU citizens)

5. Registered housing contract in your name or declaration of hospitality (if you are living with a family member, friend, or partner)

6. Work contract or proof of health insurance

After the submission of the documents on the day of the appointment, you will need to wait for up to 45 days, within which an official will come to verify your address. If you are not at home (as was in my case), they would leave you an Avviso (note) that states you should call the office to fix another appointment.

Once you have your Residence Certificate in Milan, you will be able to apply for the Carta d’identità, Italian Health System, and other benefits.

Applying for your Carta d’Itentita

According to Italian Immigration law, your Carta d’identita cannot replace your permesso di soggiorno, but it can be very useful to access many services in Italy.

Documents you need to apply for your Carta d’Identità:

  1. Passport
  2. Permesso di Soggiorno or the receipt
  3. Residence Certificate: You can get this online if you have a SPID or ask for it at the Anagrafe
  4. Codice Fiscale (Tax Code)
  5. One photo with a white background

Book an appointment with your Anagrafe, and take the above documents along. Once your electronic card is ready, it will be sent to your home.

You can find more information on obtaining the residence certificate in Milan on the official website of the Commune di Milano.

Check how to apply for the Permesso di Soggiorno here.

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