Basic Italian Phrases For Tourists Visiting Italy

Basic Italian Phrases For Tourists Visiting Italy - Learn Italian basic phrases

Basic Italian Phrases can come in very handy if you are planning to visit any part of Italy. You are probably aware it may be difficult to communicate with the locals or get around if you don’t speak the official language of the country – that is, Italian.

Learn Basic Italian Phrases popularly used in Italy before your arrival:

Exchanging Pleasantries

1. Hello/Bye –> Ciao! (Yes, you use the same word in friendly cases!)

2. Hello –> Salve (for more formal settings)

3. Come stai –> How are you?

4. Arrivederci –> Bye (for more formal settings)

5. I am fine –> Sto bene.

6. And you? –> E tu?

Meeting New People

7. What is your name? –> Come ti chiami?

8. My name is –> Mi chiamo your name

9. Do you speak English? –> Tu parli Inglese?

10. I don’t understand you –>  Non ti capisco.

11. Thank you very much –>  Grazie mille.

12. I don’t speak Italian –> Io non parlo Italiano.

13. I don’t speak Italian very well –> Io non parlo molto bene Italiano.

14. Speak slowly, please –> Parla piano, per favore.

15. Repeat, please –> Ripeta, per favore.

16. Yes –>  Sì.

17. No –> No.

18. Okay –> Okay.

Asking for Help & Directions

19. Where is the subway? –> Dov’è la metropolitana?

20. Can you help me? –> Mi può aiutare?

21. Is there a public phone here? –> C’è un telefono pubblico vicino?

22. Can I connect to the internet? –> Posso collegarmi a internet?

23. Excuse me –> Mi scusi.

24. I’m sorry –> Mi dispiace.

25. Polizia/Carabinieri –> Police

26. You’re welcome –>  Prego.

27. Please –> Per favore.

Shopping & Dining

28. Is the tip included? –> Il servizio è incluso? (Tips are not mandatory in Italy)

29. How much does that cost? (singular/plural) –> Quanto costa/costano?

30. Where is the bathroom? –>Dov’è il toilette/bagno?

31. See you later –> A dopo

Download the PDF version of these basic Italian phrases


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Buon viaggio e arrivederci! Safe Trip and see you soon!

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