I blog about my experiences living in Milan and traveling through Italy and Europe.

48 Hours in Florence, Tuscany's Paradise - Day trip to florence from milan

48 Hours in Florence, Tuscany’s Paradise

As regards to costs of items, Florence is quite on the same radar as Milan. But if you keep your eyes out for Trattorias and dig just a little more, you can score good deals that will help you save more on your trip!

Dating in Italy

Dating in Italy is hard, or Am I Just Too Picky?

It also gets so awkward when it feels like a man is walking on eggshells and trying so hard not to offend your race *facepalm*, or makes a comment like, “not to be racist.” “Can you just be yourself and not mind my race?” I mean just be a thoughtful human being.

A Christmas in the City of Love: Paris - Christmas in Paris 1

A Christmas in the City of Love: Paris

After my four days in Paris, I don’t know if I can still confidently argue I have basic knowledge of the language. The indigenes speak with a lovely, yet strong accent that makes ‘Comment ça va?’ totally not understandable.


Living in Milan, Terrific First Days in the City

Twenty-three hours later, I was standing by the baggage carousel at Milan Malpensa Airport. I could hardly recognize my bag when it wheeled past me. The only thing holding it together was a transparent plastic bag.

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