Milan Fashion Week AW 2018 | Charming Chanel Joan Elkayam Collection

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After days of deliberating what angle to take on my experience at the recently concluded Milan Fashion Week A/W edition, I decided to tell it exactly how I experienced it. 

The runway show opened with a dreamy song pouring over the speakers. I felt the goosebumps rise and I was immediately taken to lalaland. I fixated my eyes on the aisle, with my phone held high in the air – ready to capture.

She walked down the aisle, looking like she just walked right out of the song pouring from the speakers. I instantly felt connected to the music and style.

It had just begun, but I could tell I would love her collection. Moreso because I’m a fanatic of such tune – and I loved what I saw.

The atmosphere was set ablaze with innocence, elegance, modernity, and chicness. It was such a surreal mix of fact and fantasy. 

Chanel Joan Elkayam named her collection “Nonna”, featuring a collection of cocktail dresses, wedding gowns, party outfits and corporate pieces.

Chanel’s designs prove beyond doubts she’s a bundle of talent. And when I finally met her after the show, I could tell she was a sweet soul too. 

I must say that I particularly love the blend of colours, simplicity and the realism of the designs.

Just if you are wondering if I had some designs I particularly loved, yes I did! 

It was a great evening all together, I left feeling overly satisfied and my senses pleasured. My only wish was that I arrived earlier to snatch a front seat!

IMG 20180307 171258
With Chanel and her Mum.

How to attend Milan Fashion Week

To attend Milan Fashion Week, you can sign up from events on the Milan Fashion Week Website. Some of the events are open to the public and press without strict invitation policies.

Read more about my personal experiences in Milan here!

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  1. Visiting the end of June for two weeks for Lions Convention found your information interesting,

    1. Thank you Joy, I hope you had a great time

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