Remarkable Memoirs from the Sicily Street Food Festival 2017

Remarkable Memoirs from the Sicily Street Food Festival 2017 - Sicily food Festival

The Sicily Street Food Festival at Cefalu was held in September. There were a lot of traditional Sicilian snacks and food. From Panella to Arancina to contemporary snacks like burgers (panini) but made in the Sicilian way – with swordfish shaped in the form of a sausage.

An event that has the ambition to make public and private subjects dialogue on the themes of the enhancement of Sicilian food and the promotion of the territory. An event that has chosen to offer the stage to companies that have a preference for quality and focus on the value that tourism. The event is a homeland of the UNESCO heritage of the Mediterranean Diet that combines together taste, health, and local production.

I had the opportunity to visit a handful of Sicilian towns and events while living in Palermo.

Here’s the video from the Sicily Street Food Festival

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