Sciacca is the Leading City of Ceramic & Delicious Arancina

Sciacca is the Leading City of Ceramic & Delicious Arancina - Sciacca Sicily Blog 1

My summer has been much more eventful than I had thought or planned. Just when I thought I will spend the summer exploring Milan and its nearby cities more, I moved to a new city at the peak of summer – July. Even though I love and miss Milan greatly, I am beginning to fall more in love with Sicily – the beaches, gelato, and food are to die for!

Back to Sciacca, my first visit to Sciacca was on the 19th of August, and I have returned here again for two reasons – for love and for the silver clear beach – you can see the little white fishes swim. But I must say, the water there here is cold enough to send a zebra stripe down your pants the moment you first enter. Its coldness reminds of the movie Titanic and I always sang ‘My heart will go on’ each time I entered.

Sciacca is the Leading City of Ceramic & Delicious Arancina - WhatsApp Image 2017 08 30 at 16.27.51
The sun sets on top of the sea, perfect for photoshoots like this.

Other things I love most asides the beach are also the long line of ceramic display in shops while walking through the city centre and the Arancina. The ceramics are hand painted and made in form of dishes, cups, and other several beautiful crafts.

Hand painting of ceramics, Scaccia
Hand painting of ceramics.
Ceramics, Scaccia
Ceramics, Scaccia
Ceramics, Scaccia
Ceramics, Scaccia
Ceramics, Scaccia
Ceramics, Scaccia

Then the Arancina made from Rice and stuffed with Ragu is my favourite of all time! It beats the tastes of my first Arancina trial in Palermo hands down! It is something you should try.

The city is also known to have one of the best Pizza in Sicily. Almost every Pizzeria is always filled to the brim with locals and tourists at night. Sciacca is wise enough to have the ‘pizzetta’ size of Pizza for people that can never finish a whole pizza! It was my first time ever of having the chance to choose Pizza size. I may just always have to go back to Sciacca for this reason.

The best way to get around Scaccia is by car. Especially if you will be staying in the countryside as I did. One problem of driving is finding a parking spot near to the city centre especially when there’s an event. You may need to drive in circles for a while till you get a spot. There are more people than you think in Sciacca, also because it’s summer! Last weekend, for example, the Azurro Festival was on and it was harder to find a parking spot.

If you are looking for a town that reminds you a little of Caltagirone in Catania; and a beach that reminds you of Titanic – Scaccia is it!

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