Milano Carnival 2017 at Piazza Duomo


Milano Carnival starts after the Italian Carnival ends. It is typically called “Carnevale Ambrosiano”. Usually, in Milan there is a day parade and a night party in Piazza Duomo.

The Carnival holds every year in March, with a whirlwind of beautiful costumes worn by both adults and children. The sweetest aroma of chiacchiere and tortelli fills the air.

Carnival is the perfect opportunity for locals and visitors to taste traditional food, like sweet chiacchiere, available in the city’s pastry shops (called pasticcerie in Italian).

There were a lot of activities at Duomo Square to celebrate the Carnival in Milan last weekend. Some of the activities included a street parade with clowns, jugglers, and music.

Take a look at the fanfare at Milano Carnival beautifully captured by Semo Paja Photography:


All pictures and Video by Semo Paja Photography

IG: @semo_paja

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  1. […] Part of these ritualistic manifestations has survived until today, mediated by Christian morality, in the traditions of Carnival. […]

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