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Culture Shock: Nude Sculptures in Italy - nude sculptures in italy piazza della signoria florence scaled e1696889432425

Culture Shock: Nude Sculptures in Italy

One of the culture shocks I’ve always wanted to write about is the nude sculptures in Italy. Coming from a culture where nudity is portrayed as private, my mouth was agape when I visited Florence for the first time.

The History of Valentine's Day that I Never Knew - valentine day

The History of Valentine’s Day that I Never Knew

Some of the archaic practices were related to fortifying women with fertility. The women of Rome were subjected to go in the middle of the streets while young naked men, armed with bundles of branches tied with strings lash them.

Dating in Italy

Dating in Italy is hard, or Am I Just Too Picky?

It also gets so awkward when it feels like a man is walking on eggshells and trying so hard not to offend your race *facepalm*, or makes a comment like, “not to be racist.” “Can you just be yourself and not mind my race?” I mean just be a thoughtful human being.


Living in Milan, Terrific First Days in the City

Twenty-three hours later, I was standing by the baggage carousel at Milan Malpensa Airport. I could hardly recognize my bag when it wheeled past me. The only thing holding it together was a transparent plastic bag.

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