12 Budget-Friendly Countries You Can Visit From Milan, Italy

Christmas is around the corner. The holiday bells will jingle soon. The countdown has began. I am getting prepped for the holidays. What about you?

If you are thinking of the cheapest countries to visit this holiday, well, we are together. I also travel, but without the need to break the bank. So I have put together this article for our benefits.

Seat back, grab a glass of wine and let discuss 12 countries possible to visit from Milan on a low budget. These countries have been ranked from the most to the least expensive based on their travel cost in December.

12. Switzerland (Zurich)

Zurich, Switzerland.
Source: lonelyplanetwp.imgix.net/2013/09/RS-shutterstock_535685914-f4184db8625d.jpgcrop=entropy&fit=crop&h=421&sharp=10&vib=20&w=748

Ticket costs about 150 euros for a round trip.

11. Luxembourg (Luxembourg City)

Luxembourg city
Adolphe Bridge, Luxembourg City.
Source: duohop.com/uploads/places/0.20280900%201353781452.jpg

Ticket costs about 140 Euros for a round trip.

10. Stockholm (Sweden) 

stockholm sweden
Stockholm, Sweden.
Source: media-cdn.sueddeutsche.de/image/sz.1.2892388/940×528?v=1457090073000

Ticket costs about 120 Euros for a round trip.

9. Hungary (Budapest)

Budapest Hungary
Budapest, Hungary.

Ticket costs about 110 Euros for a round trip.

8. Denmark (Copenhagen)

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark. Source:telegraph.co.uk/content/dam/Travel/Destinations/Europe/Denmark/Copenhagen/Denmark—Copenhagen—Cruise—Nyhavn-xlarge.jpg

Ticket costs about 90 Euros for a round trip.

7. Spain (Barcelona)

parque guell
Parque Quell, Barcelona.
Source: atrapalo.com/houdinis/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Parque_Guell21.jpg

Ticket costs about 80 Euros for a round trip.

6. United Kingdom (London)

London South Bank
London South Bank. Source:cdn.getyourguide.com/niwziy2l9cvz/pFfpw6RETmmEisoomi6C/d534843c1a5f3540798efa2211f6c2b6/london-South-Bank-1112×630.jpg

Ticket costs about 80 Euros for a round trip.

5. France (Paris) 

Paris France
Paris, France.

Ticket costs about 70 Euros for a round trip. Last Christmas, I visited in Paris and I spent about the same amount on purchasing a flight ticket. You can read about my trip to Paris here: My Paris Adventures.

4. Poland (Warsaw) 

Warsaw Poland
Warsaw, Poland.
Source: valholl-prd.s3.amazonaws.com/images/warsaw_sumar2017_facebook.width-1200.png

Ticket costs about 60 Euros for a round trip.

Poland (Krakow)

Krawkow Poland
Krawkow, Poland.
Source: s.inyourpocket.com/gallery/147315.jpg

Ticket costs about 100 Euros for a round trip.

3. Belgium (City of Brussels)

City of Brussels
City of Brussels, Belgium.
Source: pixabay.com/p-519965/

Ticket costs about 60 Euros for a round trip.

2. Romania (Bucharest)

Bucharest, Romania
Bucharest, Romania.
Source: d15gqlu8dfiqiu.cloudfront.net/s3fs-public/styles/banner/public/images/chapters/042-_K2P0976And2more_adjust.jpg

Ticket costs about 55 Euros for a round trip.

Romania (Timisoara)

Timisoara, Romania.
Timisoara, Romania.                                                                                                                                       Source:nineoclock.ro/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/timisoara.jpg

Ticket costs about 40 Euros for a round trip.

1. Germany (Nuremberg)

Nuremberg, Germany.

Ticket costs about 40 Euros for a round trip.

Germany (Berlin)

Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany.

Ticket costs about 60 Euros for a round trip.

Germany (Frankfurt)

Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany.

Ticket costs about 80 Euros for a round trip.

Most of the flight prices are quoted from mid December, using Googleflights. As you may know, flight prices are more hiked during the holidays and festive seasons. Making your travel plans well in advance will land you better price offers. Another option is to travel by bus, they are often cheaper.

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