Location Ideas for a Bachelorette & Bachelor Party in Milan

Who else has noticed the bachelorette/bachelor party frenzy that has taken over the streets of Milan? Brides and grooms are taking to the streets to show off their soon-to-be-married faces in epic costumes that cannot go unnoticed. If you plan to throw a bachelor or bachelorette party outdoors with your friends, then you would find this very useful for planning.

  • Le Banque

If you want to party in a stylish environment, you can rent a private space here and have an intimate time with your crew. The disco is located in the center of the city, practically in front of Piazza del Duomo and near Piazza Cordusio.

  • Paintball

Do the Groom vs Bride Team war at the one the paintball centres in Milan. This is a great idea if you want to have the bachelor and bachelorette party together. This can be a good activity to have some good laugh and fun.

  • Armani Bamboo Bar

The grande and elegant styled restaurant is a good idea for a classy night with your friends. It has a rooftop where you can enjoy a panorama of the city and the Duomo Cathedral. This will be a nice option if you have a good budget for the party.

  • Discotram

Want to try something different? If you want to party in a new way, this is an option for you. You can book a 3-hour party time on the historic tram that circles the city centre. It can take up to 50 people, hence if you are looking to celebrate your bachelorette/bachelor party with your loved ones or you have a lot of friends, check it out.

  • Picnic

If it’s during the warmer months, then you should consider a picnic. It is lowcost and you can organize some sporting activities (like frisbee) and barbecue. Be sure to find out which area of the park where grilling is allowed.


We all know the highlight of any bachelorette/bachelor gathering is the party time. Below are some good spots to go dancing in Milan.

  • Venus

You and the boys/girls want to go sultry? This a dance club that organizes private strip and lap dance shows to guests who are willing to pay for it. A handful of bachelor and bachelorette parties are also often organized here.

  • Just Cavalli

Just Cavalli is a chic dance place with selective entrance. I advise you to make a reservation ahead of time. Just Cavalli is summer perfect as the terrace is opened to guests during the warmer months. You can enjoy some really good international music here.

  • Old Fashion Club

There are several music spots for you to choose from or alternate between. The club also seldom have professional dancers who entertain and rekindle the energy in the room with their cool street dance steps.

  • Bobino Club

Bobino is a free entrance club. Bobino seldom offers a buffet of food/aperitif on the house (free food) up until 11 pm, when the DJ starts to turntables. You are more likely to find a demographic of older people here.

  • The Club Milano

The Club Milano is located in a good area in the city of Milan. If you are looking for a young and vibrant crowd, this is a recommended spot as it is often made up of youngsters. The entrance fee varies but drinks are at a fixed cost of 10 Euros.


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