How to Get to Milan City Centre from Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP)

Malpensa airport is about an hour and a half drive to Milan City centre. I spent a whopping €130 on a taxi from Malpensa to Piazza Cinque Giornate axis back in 2016 when I newly arrived in Milan. Not that I couldn’t have opted for a cheaper option – which is the bus, but I was too tired to ask for information after a long flight. I had zero clues on how things worked or where to turn.

So once a Taxi driver approached me right from the exit, I just went with him without bargaining on the price, he would be using a metre and I read somewhere online it was about €70 anyways – so that’s just fine by me. Well, false information!

I was shocked when I was billed almost times two of what I had budgeted. So, here’s how you can get to Milan’s city centre for just €13, yes 10 times lesser than what I had spent. There are plenty of buses that offer rides to the city centre for a one-way ticket price of €13 euros.

You can buy the tickets right at the entrance of the bus before you put in your bags in the luggage room – at no extra cost – beneath the bus (if you do have them). The buses usually stop at multiple locations within the city, so you can easily choose the one nearest to where you are headed in town, and then make your way to your final destination through the public transportation system.

There is also the option to arrive at Milan by train from the Terminal 1 or 2 of the Malpensa Airport at the same cost of €13 – this is a faster choice, compared to the bus.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets if you will be using the public transportation system once you arrive in town – Milan!

There are four options for you to purchase a ticket in Milan:

  1. Biglieterria: find a Biglieterria (ticket shop). These are mainly newspaper stands.
  2. Machines: find a ticket machine at a metro station.
  3. ATM App: you can download the ATM app and pay with your credit card. You just have to click “validate ticket” on the app once you get on the bus or tram. If you want to take the Metro/train, you will need to scan the QR code by the checkpoint for access.
  4.  Contactless Card: you can pay if you have a contactless card quickly and easily. Find more information on paying with your contactless card here in English.

How much do tickets cost?

A ticket costs €1.50 for a journey that lasts for 60 minutes within the urban zone; €1.60 for journeys that are outside the urban zone; and €4.50 for the day pass. You can also buy the Carnet of 10 Standard Tickets. Find more information in English on tickets costs and types on the official website of the ATM.

According to the official website of Milan’s public transportation system, you are also supposed to pay €1.50 for each luggage you have with you.

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