Free Parking in Milan – If You are Commuting with Friends

Even though the transportation system within the town is great, people who live in the outskirts of Milan and work in the city often have a lot of difficulties coming to town by public transportation system – the rate at with trains are cancelled on a steady is alarming and the next train doesn’t come in time. Hence, the best bet is always to travel by car to work or to the nearest metropolitan stop which is more reliable and quick.

Milan is now embarking on a three-year carpooling trial to reduce the number of circulating cars and pollution within the city. Carpooling is a mode of transport already experimented on long journeys – with existing Carpooling service like Blablar Car that connects travellers to a driver plying their way within Italy.

For people who decide to make their cars available for friends and colleagues who travel the same route to get to Milan, they will need to register at the carpooling platform once the list of the accredited carpooling platforms is available.

The city has announced a total of fifty-one free parking stalls at the interchange parking areas of Quarto Oggiaro and Crescenzago; and three places available in each of the car parks of Caterina da Forlì, Famagosta, Cascina Gobba, and Rogoredo. There are plans to increase the parking stalls over the years if the initial trial phase is successful.

How can you enjoy this service?

You will need to download the app of a carpooling service accredited by the City of Milan and have at least one passenger on board to enjoy a free parking spot in one of the main interchange parking areas.



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